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Creating loyalty and responsibility in our sailors towards you and your high-value vessels is our main target!


Crew Management
Lighthaus provides comprehensive crew management solutions to the international marine industry. This is achieved in close cooperation with our offices in Indonesia, Ukraine and Myanmar. This liaison with other agency arrangements enables us to provide our clients international seafarers, including but not limited to Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Croatian and Indonesian. We are capable to offer highly qualified and certified crew for various types of vessels but specializing on offshore vessels and the oil & gas industry.

We have considerable experience working with various ship-owners and ship management companies that demands quality crew. Through our LCK Lighthaus in Ukraine, we provide crews for technically demanding vessels of DSV and ROV. These crews meet the highest technical and operation standards and they comply with STCW ’95 requirements. They also have the necessary experience relevant to the type of tonnage which they are assigned to. We strive to provide crews with maximum expertise and self-sustainable capability in the challenging, ever-changing and expanding marine world.

Our close cooperation with
 our office in Indonesia enables us to provide a long term crew supply. Endorsed with ISO-9000 certification, our office in Indonesia conducts a rigorous selection, interview, testing and evaluation of the crews as to ensure that each crew meets the approval of our customer/ship-owners.
We are aware that crews are one of the most important factors in ship management and the quality of the crews onboard a vessel is the key to success. With that awareness, we work closely with our ship-owner clients to fulfill their requirements. We’ve proven and are ready to arrange crews in a single crew or a full set crew within 48 hours, subject to visa and other formality requirements.

We are ready to engage in business discussions and look through any offering on your crew requirements. We are also open to business cooperation relating to all “crewing” matters with prospective partners on the basis of a mutual understanding and beneficial agreements prospects.

Shipyard Consulting
Lighthaus has the expertise and technical know-how to offer comprehensive consultation service to shipyards for any plans of extension, modifications or for a new shipyard. We offer feasibility studies which includes field research, consulting, planning and engineering in developing and/or reorganizing of shipyards.

We could undertake a turnkey project, right from initiation up to the completion of the shipyard comprising the full spectrum including preparation on the specifications of shipyard machinery and equipment. Through a comprehensive discussionwith shipyard owners, Lighthaus will be able to propose, purchase, deliver and install these shipyard machineries and equipment including testing and handing over for the full scope of work.

As any commercial success of a shipyard lies on its management system, therefore it is our focal point in emphasizing on a comprehensive system. Lighthaus provides shipyards with the knowledge on a “fully integrated shipyard management system” which includes:

  • design planning
  • production-planning
  • capacity-planning
  • material-planning
  • construction supervision
  • quality control system
  • testing
Maritime Manpower Supply
Lighthaus through its wide contacts within the maritime industry is able to complement the maritime manpower supply in the shipbuilding and ship repair sector. We are able to select and offer qualified personnel in various positions be it a team or individual; professional workers or related group of workers.
For the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, we can provide a management team or individual staff experienced in all the relevant aspects of shipbuilding and ship repair in these fields:

  • Ship Superintendent of all disciplines
  • Planning Engineers
  • Quality Inspector ( steelwork, mechanical, electrical, painting, etc)
  • Welders,
  • Shipbuilders,
  • Pipe- and engine-fitters

 As we are aware, there are many ship-owners having vessels under construction in shipyards all over Asia, Lighthaus Pte Ltd offers trained and qualified individuals to supervise and monitor the shipyards’ quality, HSE, planning and other project management procedures and if necessary, implement project with specific procedures to ensure good standards and timely  completion. The disciplines are:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineers
  • Ship-building Supervisor, (welding engineer, ship-building engineers)
  • Technical-surveyors; (chief engineers, electricians)
  • Technical support staff; ( quality controller)
  • Commissioning    Engineers
Project Management
Project management is the planning, organization, control and coordination of all aspects of a project. Lighthaus offers project management for ship construction, conversion and also repair with the desire to manage to the expectation of the ship owners. Our consultancy comprises:
  • Advisory- the team will coordinate with owners, the shipyard and all classification society
  • Plan- managing every progress to ensure timely delivery of the vessel) according to owner’s schedule.
  • Approval– the team will oversee the approval of the technical drawings and with close team work, work with the yard engineer. We’ll conduct evaluation of the shipyards planning if deemed necessary.
  • Quality and building progress supervision- the team will emphasize on the quality of work from preparation of works right through to accurate installation of all equipment.
  • Sea trial and delivery management - conduct sea trials and ensure that the vessel ready to be delivered.

Our networking extends to different parts of the world and this has given us the leverage into ship brokering. Our business partners and clients are from Japan, Korea, Germany, Indonesia in respect of selling and buying of ships, barges, tugs, ship’s machinery and equipment as well as their spare parts.
Our services go beyond selling and buying, as we offer full representation and protection of our clients and business partners.
To assist in the decision making process when buying/selling, we provide  inspection and evaluation of vessels, ships, tugs, barges, machinery or shipyard equipment.



Shipyard Equipment

Lighthaus has been working in close cooperation with well-known Italian Cimolai Technology that is very active in the design and fabrication of shipyard and port equipment. We have been active in the Malaysian market in offering Cimolai Mobile Hoists and ship-lifts for the past few years. The range of the MBH is from as small as 40 tons to a maximum of 1000 tons while the ship lifts range from 1,500 tons to 10,000 tons. Cimolai is also capable to offer made-to-measure equipment for special transport and lifting operations. All consultation and planning will be in direct close cooperation between Lighthaus and Cimolai, Italy.







We are in cooperation with a German Leasing Company that is able to offer attractive financing for your investments. We are able to arrange for the financing for the full range of shipping financing services such as purchase of secondhand ships and new building ships under all major flags, ports and terminal facility projects.